Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bangs VS. No Bangs

Should I let my bangs grow?? I'm confused, and here are the reasons:
1. I should let them grow in order to get a nice hairdo at the Vanhojen tanssit. It's the prom for Finnish upper secondary school students. For me it'll be on 2013 spring, but it takes time to grow the bangs longer.. I couldn't find a picture of the hairstyle I want to have at the prom, but one thing is sure: NO SHORT BANGS!
2.  People say short bangs suit me better than long bangs.
3. Short bangs are difficult to keep in shape. *Cut cut cut* TOO MUCH!
4. I've had short bangs for quite a while (3 years?) already. I'd like to try something new!!

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