Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Asukuva piiiiiitkästä aikaa

Haven't posted any outfit pictures for a while, so here's one! The fatty jacket is new, bought in Tokyo. It cost around 70€, and the brand is GAP. It's super warm, but not so pretty...
I suppose I've introduced the other clothes here already: the woolly hat is from H&M as well and the hoodie. I've no idea of the brand or price of the pants, because I bought them such a long time ago. Socks are made by my grandma and the shoes are from Seppälä. A simple outfit as usual... I just went to the library to study today.
Lesson 1: Don't chew gum while taking pictures. Otherwise your face will look odd.

Today's dinner: sautéed reindeer, mashed potatoes, some raejuusto (it's similar to cottage cheese) and a strawberry-banana smoothie. Healthy but delicious! I didn't make the reindeer dish myself because I was too lazy to, just bought a snap... I should start cooking at home more often!!!!