Monday, January 2, 2012

Finally; New Year's Resolutions! (50 of them, how many will I make true?)

1. Don't worry...
2. Be happy!
3. Help people in need
4. Surprise somebody  (a surprise party, gift or something)
5. Go hiking
6. Stay alone at our summerhouse
7. Catch a salmon
8. Go to beach at night
9. See a sunset
10. And a sunrise
11. Study more...
12. But remember to relax!
13. Go to spa
14. And amusement park
15. Wake somebody up at night just to say something random
16. Eat something you've never eaten before
17. Wear funnt clothes
18. Learn to read & write Hangul
19. Design your room
20. Talk to a stranger

21. Learn to play poker
22. Keep your cactus alive
23. After Jan 10th, don't go shopping fpr clothes before the summer vacation begins (if possible:)
24. Throw cake to somebody's face
25. Cry
26. Find out what your blood type is
27. Go to Tervahiihto ski event
28. Get up at 16:00
29. Concentrate on your handwriting
30. Give somebody a coffee

(I got this coffee for free from somebody in Seoul:)

31. Practice singing
32. Try different make-up style
33. Have a memorable Christmas
34. Buy new shoes before Jan 10th!!!
35. Remember to use Skype and MSN, but cut the time spent on Facebook
36. Run 10km
37. Learn to do your hair better
38. Buy a new cross
39. Have your regular "loner days"
40. Sleep on the floor
41. Get a new, good, friend
42. Think before you talk
43. Take more pictures
44. Read a book in Swedish
45. Swim in the sea
46. Grow your nails
47. Make a sad person smile
48. Order pizza to home
49. Don't take this list too seriously
50. Just make this the best year of your life♥♥


  1. WOW 50 resolutions! Yikes that makes me sound like a coward- I only dared make 10 of them :)

    Good luck in 2012!


  2. So funny and great! Love it!
    Have a wonderful year!

  3. this is my home!!!
    Happy new year!

  4. thanks esther! i saw your resolutions, and they seem really difficult:D good luck with them!!

    i wish the same to you, jeremy:)

    thanks yuna!! happy new year to you as well!!!