Friday, December 23, 2011

These days were supposed to be lazy...

I'm a bit worried. My bag is almost full, but it contains just my towel, flight tickets and presents for my friends. How are my clothes supposed to fit there?? And my laptop, not to mention my camera...

I was about to take a pic of me without make-up, but that could have caused nightmares to you guys, so I took this one instead. Say hello to my elegant (pink) bathrobe :)
Today's to-do:
- dye your hair
- visit the post office
- finish packing your bags
- visit the library
- decorate the house for Christmas
- do your homework
- print some important travel things
- recharge your camera battery and format the memory card
- find your "Christmas feeling"
- don't eat more chocolate, you're sick of it already

Yesterday I decided to have my annual "couch potato night"! You might wonder what it is, so I'll explain: every year, at least once, I feel like sleeping on my couch instead of my bed. Why? Because my bed is stuffed with everything :/ At the moment the situation is like this: in my bed there are clothes, school books, movie tickets and other trash, money, a box, gift wrapping paper, bags and a calculator. I guess it's easy to understand the reason why I prefer sleeping on the sofa atm :D
That's the view from my couch by the way. My postcard wall is bigger than ever!

Found this while looking for my travel cash. So far it has been possible to change old markka coins and notes to euro, but after the New Year it won't be possible anymore. So everybody, remember to visit the bank with your markkas ;) I'm not going to do that though, I'll keep those as a memory of some kind!

Bought little bottles of shampoo and conditioner for the trip. Normally those are sold in 900ml bottles :)

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