Monday, December 26, 2011

Yöjunalla Helsinkiin

I'm in Helsinki now! I went by a night train and arrived early in the morning :)
Too bad the train was in time (Finnish trains are late almost every time), so I must wait 7 hours at the airport. Too bored... I'm actually supposed to study mathematics but my laptop is a better way to pass some time :D

Even if the journey by train wasn't too pleasant(no internet connection, noise, cold shower), my mood is brilliant! The staff in the train was so kind, and so was the bus driver. Not to mention the staff at the airport :)

And another thing, I fell in love with Helsinki!!!! Before I didn't like it at all, but today it seemed kinda magical :) Expecially the architecture was awesome. Before I couldn't even imagine myself living in Helsinki, but now it doesn't seem like a bad idea at all.

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