Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yesterday was such a strange day... I woke up grouchy because I didn't sleep well. Around 11am I went to the downtown of Oulu to visit the Northern Ostrobothnia museum. I had to visit it because my art class visited it a week ago but I couldn't go with because my toe was a bit injured. I got lost in the park where the museum is located, but finally I managed to find it. Walking around the park was terrible, because the whole place was icy and my bag weighed more than 9kg (I had my laptop, camera and school books there...).
I actually liked visiting the museum- the staff was soooooo friendly and the exhibitions were surprisingly good. I recommend :)

Oulu Castle on the backround.
After the museum I went to a Chinese restaurant, and then headed for the library to do some school work (spent 99,9% of time chatting on FB though..). The library closed at 5pm, and I went straight home to sleep. A bit early isn't it?

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