Sunday, December 25, 2011

Aaton viettoa

Visited the graveyard again, since it's a part of our Christmas tradition. -1C felt suprisingly cold, because it's been quite warm lately. But we still have some snow left♥♥
Click this! <--- to see the weather in Helsinki tomorrow. I go to Helsinki by a night train, and when I arrive it's supposed to be 5 plus degrees there!!!!! Like Ibiza or Tahiti or something :)

And another tradition of ours: driving around the city on the Christmas Eve. We Finns celebrate Christmas on December 24th unlike many others. I wonder why it's so.... Maybe we just want to open all the presents before the foreigners get to open theirs?

And then, the present! The reason why my Christmas was so different to the Christmas before was that we didn't spend it with all the relatives: this year it was just me and my parents. And because I'm going to travel, I didn't want presents. Of course I got presents from friends, but I opened them earlier (sorry..:)

But of course my dad had bought me something.... He knows that I love handmade chocolates! My favorite handmade chcolates are not sold anymore, or at least he hadn't found them, so he bought these ones instead. And I'm not disappointed at all, any handmade chocolate is fine to me :p

Today's plan is very simple: finish packing your stuff & go to the train station!!

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