Monday, September 3, 2012

What a weird day...

One of the things I got this weekend... I got some other stuff too, but the photos turned out too bad to show here!! Waaay too bad.

Anyway, talking about my purchases isn't the point of today's post! I just want to share my strange day with you guys and girls... Here it comes:
8.00 The doorbell rings, but I'm sleeping so I don't open the door
---> Later on I find a strange paper on my floor! The only thing that's written there is "You've got mail, pick it up from the post office" and some numbers!! The problem is that there's no name on the paper, and I have two housemates... And they didn't even write which post office we should get the packet from :s

10.00 I find out that my history book has disappeared... I probably sold it with some other books, and didn't notice that I need it! I need to buy a new one, what a shame :s

11.20 I'm going to school, a bit too late... School starts at 11.30 and I'm still at the train station (I have to take 2 trains to go to school). Then a stranger starts to talk to me!!!! That's something that doesn't happen too often here in Finland.. Because most Finns are really shy! Anyway, we talk for a while and change Facebooks, and I run to school (we had our class photos at 11.45 so I wasn't late after all:)

12.40 Lunch!! Suddenly my English teacher walks to my table and asks me if I want to give a speech about Sami mythology at a culture center (I made a presentation about it last week, started writing it at 3 in the morning before the presentation and I think it wasn't very good)... That was so surprising!!

15.00 Looking for a new history book at a store. After finding the book, I see they have lots of language books as well, and decide to have a look... End up buying a dictionary, an answer books and a grammar book. And that history book of course. When I'm about to go and pay for the books, another stranger stops me, looking at my Portuguese books: "Do you study Portuguese??"
M: "Yup!"
S: "At a university??"
M: "No, at an adult high school."
S: "Okay, I was just curious because I was in Brazil last year!"
M: "Woooow, which cities did you visit?"
Then it was my turn to pay... Too bad I couldn't talk more with her!! I hope I'll see her somewhere later :p

Now, after all that, I'm just super tired... But I still have homework to do! Hopefully there will be no more strange stuff for this evening ;)

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