Monday, September 10, 2012

One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory

A quote by Rita Mae Brown. It's a topical one because I just bought 3 study skill improvement books, and one of them is called "How to improve your memory for study"....... The other ones being "How to improve your maths skills" and "How to improve your study skills"! I wish I'll time to read them before I have wasted all my life studying with bad technique ;)

My Great Plan for the weekend: hair-dying :) Bought the dye on Saturday, but I don't have time to use it during the week so I have to wait a bit and just avoid looking in the mirror :p The pic was taken about a month ago when I got my hair dyed by a professional hairdresser.. I'd like to get something similar, but no can do.......


  1. Hmmm!, So you got a new hair plan?? :D
    Hahahaha didn't have time to do it even this last weekend?? i can imagine why! XD
    Just let me know when you made it!! then i'll get to see you! ^^


    1. Noooot really, just trying to keep the same color! I bet you won't even notice the difference... Unless something goes badly wrong!!!! :O

    2. Oh really??
      Well,i hope everything went just fine with that!! :D
      So you just want to keep the actual colour alive right??
      Hahaha So i hope i won't notice anything that different then!!
      But i'll like to see anyway! ;)

    3. Yup, exactly! I just try to avoid my haircolor to get any darker.. A bit lighter I wouldn't mind that much :D Aaaaand you'll get to see it for sure!