Thursday, September 13, 2012

Autumn: Challenge Accepted!!!!

Yesterday: Why is everybody carrying umbrellas?? It's not going to rain anyway so I don't bother to go back home to get mine..
---> It started to rain like crazy

Hmm, I feel a bit strange, probably caught a cold yesterday.. But I learnt something from it! Today I'll wear my Special Autumn Clothes (orange is a suitable color for autumn, isn't it??) and something warm for my feet also!!!! However, I don't need an umbrella because it's not going to rain anyway. I even checked the forecast!
---> It started to rain like crazy

 The result: I skipped school because I have a fever.


  1. Get well soon... :( Not fun at all being sick...
    PS: Totally love your shoes in the third photo!

  2. Take a good book, watch tv, drink tea and get healthy soon, my dear!!!