Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pics from my cellphone: 19.8-12.9

 №1 Parliament house of Helsinki as seen from Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
(Just to mention, it's one of the worst museums I've ever been to, and luckily I didn't have to pay for entrance because I'm still under 18... The shop has some nice stuff, like those notebooks I introduced before, though!)
№2 My neighbor's house was on fire... The result: three fire trucks, a police car and an ambulance. But no worries, nobody got hurt!! I suppose somebody just forgot their food in the oven ;)
№3 Dinner In The Sky was in Helsinki for a couple of days in August! I would have loved to try it, but I'm afraid of heights...
№4 Cup noodles!!!! Needless to say more!!
 №5 Math homework for ~2 months.. Not that bad. The ones written in bold are compulsory exercises, and other ones are obligatory. Just to mention, my exams are after 2 weeks :O I'd better start studying.........
№6 It's a tradition of mine to eat some junk food on Tuesdays (don't even ask!!). Normally I go to McDonalds for that purpose, but this time I couldn't find it so I went to SpiceIce instead. Yummy, but the cup was soooooo big I had to throw more than 50% away :s
№7 On my way home.. The weather has been just horrible lately! I feel like I'm just catching a cold.
 №8 I forgot my dinner home so.......
№9 Donald D!!!!!!!! He helps me to remember some new words ;)
 №10 I already wrote "Who is he??? You're awesome if you know who he is!!" here, but then noticed his name is written there on the lower right corner of the pic..... Oh well.

Ps. In case S reads this, the surprise post card was from me!:)

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