Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ikea in Haparanda, Sweden

Hahaha, those trolleys were way too much fun... Some people gave me a weird look when I was driving around with that trolley but who cares :p

And this is what I got: a mattress, a pillow, a blanket, a lamp and a giant floor pillow :D


  1. I think Ikea stores looks the same everywhere!

  2. I am also a new comer to Oulu and want to buy some stuff from Ikea in Haaparanta. I guess you drove a car to Ikea, but do you know if I can use a bus from Oulu to Ikea, Haaparanta?

    1. Yes, buses go to Haaparanta as well. At least the bus company Veljekset Salmela drives the route. But Tornio, on the Finland's side of the border, is close (on foot maybe 10-20min) to Haaparanta, too- and the bus company Matkahuolto has their site in English as well so it's probably easier than useing a Veljekset Salmela bus. Hopefully my advice helped you :)

    2. Thanks for your quick reply! Your advice really helped, and I found both bus companies' websites easily!

    3. Oh, that's great, hopefully you'll enjoy your trip to Ikea!! I'd love to hear if you like Oulu or not, it's my hometown after all so I'd love to get to know if people like it or not :p