Friday, July 6, 2012

Glad news

I got an e-mail from HOAS yesterday, they informed me about my apartment in Helsinki! I'll get a 12m2 room from 1/8/2012, and share a house with two mates. The size of the whole house is 65m2, with 3 bedrooms, kitchen and a washing room. Not bad at all, especially because the rent is really low :)
And another news, today is the exam day at the summer high school.. After doing the exams, I'll take a bus+train to Helsinki and another train to Oulu where I'll spend the weekend.

Have a nice weekend everybody!!♥


  1. Great!! I wish you have a great time there with your family and everything!! :) maybe you could go fishing with your dad now right?? :D Take care!

    - Rafa.

    1. Thanks, thanks! :D Take care!!

  2. And have a nice trip! ^^

  3. Have a good weekend Kata! xx Sinley