Monday, July 9, 2012

Extra class

Finnish trains don't have 1st and 2nd class anymore- it's extra class and eco class now... Anyway, this was my first time to try extra class! I noticed it's just ~10-20€ more expensive than the eco class, so I decided to give it a try. I really liked traveling on extra class, because
+ It was peaceful
+ The seats were more comfortable
+ Free newspapers, coffee, tea, cookies...
+ The price wasn't so high compared to eco class, especially because I bought the ticket from the train station just before the train left --> I got some discount :)

PS. Tomorrow's plan: Going to Helsinki to sort some apartment stuff out, visit Kela (The Social Insurance Institution in Finland) to talk about some student benefits, get a travel card from HSL, visit IKEA.... Oh, so many things to do for just one day!!! 


  1. Hey, Helsinkin can come now my dear!!!

  2. Wow, Nice seats!!
    I believe the trip back wasn't that bad at all!! XD

    - Rafa

    1. It was great! 232352342 times nicer than normally :p