Friday, October 28, 2011

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up

Quote by Mark Twain by the way! It fits today's topic pretty well :)
But first I want to talk about candy... Oh well. This pack of candy is JUST TOO AWESOME! It's the official candy of Finnish Ice Hockey Association!!

And the main topic is:
Why is everybody so good to me nowadays?? It might sound ridiculous, but it's true... At first, my travel plans are working only because of so many awesome and kind people who have been helping me. I got so many polite and encouraging e-mails from all the hotels I contacted! Before, some whom I contacted, didn't even answer me or answered quite rudely. 2nd, I got free hot chocolate in the local library. I know it sounds small, but that doesn't happen often there. And in the gym there was a new member who asked me if I'm a professional athlete, that made my day :)
I thought people are gloomy in autunum, at least I was before so many people brightened my day up! So, thank YOU! I think you know if you've been one of those (:

Today's plan:
10:00 shopping! My friend will stay the night here, and we need fooooood :D + I need hair dye and ink for my copy machine
12:00 library opens ----> need to study maths for hours
And finally, around 18(6pm), my friend will arrive here! What a nice day, even math won't spoil it...
Tomorrow will probably be a nice one as well, I need to buy some train tickets and maps, which means I can go shopping even if I promised not to shop before Christmas ;)

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