Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't go through life, grow through life

Just so you know, it was a quote by Eric Butterworth (I LOVE THAT NAME!!!!!). I'm not so imaginative I could make my own titles... Oh anyway.
The point of today's post is that I might finally get The Sims 3! I don't even know why I want it soooo badly.. Well, I've The Sims and The Sims 2, maybe that's the reason. I used to play those games 24/7 when I was little, but nowadays I play them just when I'm bored. But I still want the 3rd game as well! Strange isn't it?? + I should be stdying chemistry, philosophy & Finnish, maybe I just try to avoid that by buying the game ;)


Blueberries♥♥♥ They were a bit frozen but I didn't really mind- the taste was good nevertheless :)


  1. Kata, these photos are amazing! Really great shots, I love them!
    Have a good time when you'll get the Sims :D

  2. Gorgeous photographs! I can definitely understand the urge to buy sims 3! I would too but I fear my work would stop getting done...

  3. thank you both :)!!
    yea, that's the problem indeed... now i'm nerd 24/7 :D