Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kiirettä pittää :)

Happy Days continue!! I feel like I haven't had a sad day for years (there were two of them last week, but let's not count those ;)!! I've so much to do, but those are nice things so I don't feel stressed at all! I don't know if I have taken a pic of that bowl before, but I bought it in Istanbul. About Istanbul, I just heard our flight changes are made in different airports, which is a bit of a shame because Istanbul airport is lovely♥ Well, the airports are Amsterdam Schiphol (outbound, been there before, got free tulips, name too hard to type) and Paris Charles De Gaulle (inbound, never been there, one of those airports I've always wanted to visit), so I can't complain :) Some of the greatest airports in Europe, who wouldn't love them? I know, I'm an airport freak...

^Found my True Love♥♥ Nah, just tried those out. I thought cloudberry + chocolate wouldn't be a good combination, but it was surprisingly nice!

These two pics are from Norway trip in 2010! Or actually, the 2nd one is from Finland, but it was on the same trip :) Miss those cute (but sometimes very stubborn) reindeer!

Have a nice day everybody :)

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