Friday, September 16, 2011

Travel tips, anyone?

Norway, 2010

Spain, 2010

We started to plan our 2012 travel already! This year our trip was at the end of May, and next year we're planning to begin our trip on 29th of May - 3rd of June and have a trip of one week. We don't know what country we'd like to visit, so tips are more than welcome!! Of course I've been looking at flight prices of a Helsinki-Reykjavik-Boston flight because Boston has been my "dream" city for a long time. Too bad the flights are a bit too expensive (cheapest were around 500€), so I think we'll travel inside Europe. Malta, maybe? Anyway, I shouldn't plan the trip too well, as it's possible to end up in Istanbul once again ;)
I have a fever once again, so I'll stay at home today... Too bad I had a tennis court booked for the evening :( Well, the above outfit kinda describes what I've been wearing lately: comfy, natural-colored clothes and high heels. And of course, almost all the clothes are from H&M, except for the shoes and the bracelet :)

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