Friday, September 9, 2011

Indonesialaisia suolalamppuja

I got the certificate from taking piano lessons for 9 years... Which I found incorrect because I think I've been taking lessons for 10 years. Well, 9 is almost 10 so it's fine enough. It feels so strange not to play the piano because I have been playing for so long time!

My dad bought this one ~a week ago, guess what it is? A salt lamp... I had heard it has positive effects on health, but I was more interested in if it tasted like salt, so of course I had to lick it. Yes, it tasted quite salty.

This one is also a recent buy, I really needed a new calculator, so I got this one. I can't use it too well though, but there's a lamp in it, how cool is that???
This song is just too touching! The name is ''An unknown patient'', and it speaks out for the veterans of the war in Finland. The name is actually a pun, because ''Tuntematon sotilas'', The Unknown Solider, is one of the most famous novels & movies that has ever made in Finland. ''Tuntematon potilas'' has changed the meaning a whole lot, even if the name sounds almost the same. Of course it's not touching for those who can't understand Finnish but I bet every Finnish person finds it sad and moving !

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