Sunday, September 11, 2011

The last Japan 2009-post

So, this is officially the last post about my trip to Tokyo in 2009! I still have some pics left but they're so bad that you'll cry blood when you see them, so I just publish the best ones... Don't blame me for bad photos, I had to use my old camera !
The pic above was taken in a museum which name I can't remember though. We wanted to make a real Finland-post so of course we drew Moomins into it :)

Sooo that's the last picture, and I actually felt kinda sad posting it!! It's been 2,5 years since I was in Japan already. That's really strange in my opinion, because I feel like it was yesterday !

But well, as an off-topic, I have to tell you about my great plan: I'll go to take photos of Oulu at night today!!! Hopefully I'll get a couple of nice shots :)


  1. pictures of Moomins, very good! is cute!!
    it is in the great memories by the season when a cherry tree is beautiful, and Japan :)

  2. thanks! i really miss those times :)