Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kikuya ryokan♥

Helloooo everybody! Sorry for not posting yesterday, my neck hurted so much I couldn't really concentrate on anything... But now it feels a bit better!
The photos I took in the ryokan are so bad, the ryokan itself was wonderful! Here is their website. I really enjoyed staying there! At first we stayed at a bigger room that was suitable for about 5 persons but then they put us into a smaller room (there were only 3 of us in a room for 5 people). They were very sorry for that and they even moved our luggage into the new room! So friendly ^^
Btw, do you see that red can on the table?? It's my favorite drink ever!!!!! It's called Fujiya peach nectar by the way. You should taste it, it's so delicious! 
Haha my messy bed... And another favorite drink, Qoo juice♥♥ Too bad Rakuten doesn't ship Qoo or Fujiya to Finland!

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