Saturday, January 1, 2011


So... A post about Asakusa this time!
The places are:
1. Our ryokan, Kikuya Ryokan
2. Kappabashi street
3. Nakamise street

Those are the places that we visited on the first day! We were really tired after traveling for about 15 hours so we didn't do much that day...
In our ryokan we ate small buns, maybe manju or nikuman?? I really can't remember its name!

A small temple near our ryokan. We were walking to the Kappabashi street, you know, it's the street with many kitchenware shops, they really sold EVERYTHING about cooking; pans, chopsticks, aprons etc etc etc.. Too bad I didn't buy anything, I regret that so much now!

Then we went to eat okonomiyaki!! It was so delicious! The restaurant's owner was so kind, she even made our okonomiyakis because we hadn't ever made them before :)

The next Tokyo post will be about Sensoji/Kannon temple!

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