Sunday, January 2, 2011

Inspiraatiopostaus 2

So.. I'll go shopping tomorrow, I really need new jeans! I was planning to order new jeans from YesStyle but their jeans are always too short! I have ordered some other clothes from there before, and in my opinion the whole shop is kinda good :) So, I'm thinking of buying something like this, this or this. What do you think about them?

And also, I ordered something from Friis&Company today! They're having up to 40% sales and free shipping for over 100€ orders, so my timing was perfect! The items should arrive in 2-5 days so I'll introduce them after they have arrived :D

Some cosmetic things that I got as Christmas presents! They're all from YesStyle btw. I haven't tried these BB creams to my face yet but they seem kinda good.

Samples of the BB creams from right to left. I thought there wouldn't be any difference between them but I was wrong ;)

False lashes from ETUDE HOUSE. I haven't used them yet because I haven't been doing much after Christmas... And I want to save them for a special occassion ;)

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