Sunday, August 12, 2012

Books for the English lessons

9 books to go through in 9 months of English lessons.. The grammar book is the only one we'll use for more than one semester. And these books are for English lessons only: of course I have some other lessons, too. Like in this term, I have geography, maths and social studies at my own school (and English of course). Besides that, I'll take some courses at another school, but I'll write more about that when I get to choose the courses (August 22nd)!

Oh anyway, this weekend has been such a nice one... On Saturday I went to see my friend and their house and then she came to my house. We got hungry after a while and went to have a dinner at a Chinese restaurant ( just to mention, it was probably the worst Chinese restaurant I've ever been to -.- The food in the pic isn't from that restaurant, though. That one is from  a Japanese restaurant in Espoo, and the food was delicious:) and after that we walked back to my friend's house. And played Wii for 3463453543534 hours......... And Sunday, I mean today, was just boring. I read the book Kafka on the Shore and did some school stuff. So needless to say, it was a peaceful day :p

PS. I hadn't even noticed the new followers.. Thanks♥

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