Sunday, May 6, 2012


As I told before, I had a fever during my trip in Seoul and Tokyo... I'm not sure how bad my condition was, because I didn't buy a thermometer, but I know I had a fever (or is it normal to feel cold even when the temperature in the room is +30C and I'm sleeping under 3 blankets..?:D)... Luckily they sold some medicine in convenience stores (unlike here in Finland, I have never even seen such medicine here!!!!). There was no text in English, just that "self medication" but at least I felt better after taking that medicine :D
Anyway, since I felt better, I decided to go to Ebisu (it's difficult to remember which one is Ebisu and which one is Yebisu because Yebisu was written all over Ebisu... Got it?) to see a photography museum. But it was closed :s I took a little walk around Ebisu and then went to Harajuku which was very close.

Harajuku on an early Tuesday morning... Not so bad, last time when I was there, it was Sunday... Harajuku was a bit too crowded then, but on a Tuesday it was just fine. At least it was easy to find all the nice places, just needed to follow the others :D

The last time I had eaten crepes was two years ago (in exactly the same place!!), but the taste was as good as before:)!

And after a long day of walking... I mean, shopping, I went back to my hotel via 7-eleven. The food is so cheap, and the packages are so cute...:) Too bad the 7-eleven near my hotel was really small, and there were no supermarkets around, so most of my meals consisted of instant noodles/tea or sandwiches/juice. I know, not so healthy, but at least I drank those vitamin drinks :p

My feet are fine (or actually not fine, but it's a long story, and they're basically fine because I can walk;). I've been quite busy because of all that school stuff as always... And on Tuesday I'll go to Helsinki for an entrance exam!! Hopefully it'll go well, as I really really really want to go to that school I'm applying for! ++ I found a nice apartment, or should I say, house, in Helsinki♥

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