Thursday, December 30, 2010

Narita-Asakusa välin kuvia

So, more pics about my trip to Japan in 2009! I decided to send many photos in one post because it would be probably very boring to see 15263734575 posts about the bad photos I took in the train ;)

I can remember my feelings when I was in the train... I thought ''THIS CAN'T BE JAPAN! I'm not in Japan, I'm just dreaming and will wake up soon!''. Everything seemed so perfect!

Stupid train windows!!! This photo would have been really nice, cherry blossoms and nice scenery but the reflection makes the photo terrible :<

When I saw this photo I thought ''This looks like Finland, maybe this IS from Finland but I have put it into the wrong folder''... But actually the photo is from Japan! I can't remember this place though :p

This is the first ''good'' photo that I took in Japan. I really like it ;)

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