Sunday, December 19, 2010


         1000 pageviews!!!
                       Thank you so much !!!!

Aaaand also that what do you think about that I write only in English now?? Should I also write in Finnish or do you prefer English only?
Eli suomeksi: Mitä mieltä ootte siitä että oon tässä jonku aikaa kirjottanu vaan enkuksi? Haluisitteko, että kirjotan enemmän suomeksi vai riittääkö pelkkä enkku? :)

Well, that wasn't the purpose of this post actually.. I just wanted to blog about my new nails ;) They're really simple but I still like them! My own nails were a bit too short so it was hard to make them but I haven't ever had long nails before so they're fine!

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