Friday, November 25, 2011

Got a present from my friend! See the wrapping paper, that has to be the second cutest thing on the earth (penguins are the cutest)!
You guys have probably maybe noticed that the recent photos I've uploaded here are in B/W or sepia colors. Nope, I haven't lost my love for colors, it's just that winter has come. When I go to school in the morning, it's dark, and when I go back home it's dark again!! So it's almost impossible to take any kinds of pics because the pics taken inside the house turn out so yellow (see above):
It's my name day today! It's not a big thing here, but my grandmother has her name day at the same time, so maybe i'll take some flowers to her :)

I didn't take pics of all the things I got, but thank you so much KyeongRyeong! I'll read the book as soon as I can... Have so many things to read already, but I'll try to make some extra time :)

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