Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2nd road trip, Keuruu-Ähtäri-Töysä

We decided to go to Töysä to see Tuurin Kyläkauppa. The name in English would be Tuuri Villageshop, but it could also be translated as ''A villageshop of good luck'', because tuuri means good luck in Finnish. And as you can see below, good luck is absolutely the theme of the whole shopping centre!

Basically, the shop has two departments: food and other things. Of course there are also some smaller shops, but those two are the most important ones. At first we visited the department of other things, such as clothes, CDs, hobby equipment and so on. The shop was really big but I bought just a few things (and no clothes at all! What's wrong with me?).

The only pic I took about the other things department...

And this is the food department from the outside. Slightly more sophisticated than the other department, which looked like a cottage in my opinion. A huge cottage.

And this is how the food department looked from the inside. Kinda nice, but I have to complain a bit. I was disappointed because even if the shop looked very nice, it had nothing special to offfer. No exotic things or anything like that. I wanted to buy a (history)magazine to read while sitting in the car, but they didn't even have it!! Only crossword and sudoku magazines and a very small amount of other magazines. And I felt the same with the whole shop: nothing special to sell, the greatness of the shop(and maybe low prices as well) seem to be the only reason why people visit that shop... But I don't regret visiting that place, the whole thing was actually kinda nice.

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